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The Performance Calculator enables the user to generate performance returns for the main institutional share class of each fund. Please note this Calculator provides returns on a price to price basis; therefore the impact of Fund dividends/distributions is not factored into the return figure quoted. The prices quoted are the official dealing NAV's (with the exception of property funds where provisional NAV's are also published)

Price defaults to the last available price for each share class. This can be checked in the Fund Prices page.

KBI Global Investors Limited endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the prices provided but will not be liable for any errors or delays in them or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. All prices are quoted in Euros net of fees.

**In March 2011 the assets of the Dividend Plus Global, Eurozone and 50/50 Funds were transferred into equivalent funds with UCITS status (KBI Institutional Fund ICAV)

* The Index Funds were renamed in May 2009 to reflect the change in underlying regional equity exposure from a Northern Trust Manager of Manager offering to index funds managed by Blackrock.